Plant and seed management

The purpose of the RMK Seed and Plant Management Department is to grow quality forest planting material. Spruce plants and pine seedlings are mainly grown; birch plants are also grown to a lesser extent. The share of other types of leafy trees in the total plant production is less than 1%.

RMK grows plants predominantly in open field nurseries. Yearly, an average of 6 million 4-year-old spruce sets, 5 million 2-year-old pine seedlings and 1 million birch seedlings and other deciduous trees become fit to plant.

The field seed and plant management is managed out of Tartu. RMK’s nurseries are located all over Estonia: at Iisaku, Sonda, Haapsalu, Räpina, at Reiu outside Pärnu, Marana külas Pärnumaal, at Kullenga outside Rakvere, at Purila outside Rapla, and at Rulli outside Tõrva.