RMK manages Estonian state forests

Estonia is one of the most forest-rich countries in the world – approximately half of our land area or 2.3 million hectares are covered with forest. Another roughly 45% of Estonian forests belong to the Estonian state. These forests are maintained, grown and managed by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK).

RMK’s operating areas are:

  • land use management;
  • forest management;
  • forest survey;
  • timber marketing;
  • visitor management and nature education;
  • nature conservation;
  • seed and plant management;

RMK’s forestry duties include the growing and guarding of the state forest, planting and growing of new forest, organising forestry works and sale of timber. RMK maintains forest roads and drainage systems and monitors fire hazard in the state forest.

People at RMK engaged in visitor managemnt do all they can for the state forest to provide as varied opportunities as possible for recreation, while not harming the biota there. RMK builds hiking trails, maintains accommodation facilities, marks scenic recreational areas, and prepares camping sites and campfire places. Besides the creation of recreational opportunities, RMK also provides education about the natural environment.

RMK’s plant and seed management area grows tree sets and ensures Estonia has a sufficient reserve of forest seed. 

RMK consists of Sagadi Forest Centre, Elistvere Animal Park and, as of 2014, also the Põlula Fish Farm. One to two year old juvenile salmon are grown in Põlula, in order to increase the biodiversity of Estonian rivers.

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