Environmental policy of RMK

RMK devotes great attention to environmental protection in its operations. We manage the state forest sustainably and efficiently, ensuring the preservation and augmentation of the ecological, economic, social and cultural assets of the forest resource.

For environment-friendly forest management it is important to disturb and damage the natural environment as little as possible when either cutting or any other forest work is performed. Environmentally more valuable forest areas must remain untouched by forestry activity altogether, or specific work required for the preservation of natural assets need to be performed there. Forest provides a home for many species of plants and animals, which must be able to live their lives undisturbed – it is in this kind of diversity that the wealth that is forest subsists.

RMK’s environmental preservation activities also include the provision of education on the natural environment and engaging in recreation management and wilderness tourism. RMK preserves and maintains the natural features on state forest lands and directs people to consider the environment as much as possible when relaxing and hiking in the natural environment.

RMK is an environmentally organisation and calls on everyone to take care of the natural environment.