Sales of wood chips

With the increase in the importance of renewable energy sources and the construction of combined heat and electricity plants in Estonia, demand for wood chips has increased.

Wood chips accounts for approximately 5% of the annual sales volume of wood, which is approximately 400 GWh based on energy value. Wood chips are produced using cutting waste from regeneration cutting sites, as well as brushwood and trunks collected from forest improvement sites. Initially, the material is left to stand at the cutting area in windrows, and is transported to intermediate storage after drying. RMK organises the chopping of the stacks and transportation of the wood chips to the buyer's warehouse.

RMK aims to facilitate the increase in the role of renewable energy sources in Estonia’s energy balance. As a result, RMK participates in calls for tenders by energy producers, with wood chips also sold under procedures with negotiated prices and public auction, for which sales notices are published in the classified advertisements section.

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