The Supervisory Board approved the budget of RMK for 2010  20.11

At the meeting held on 20 November, the Supervisory Board of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) approved the budget of RMK for 2010, the total revenue of which is EEK 1.5 billion and operating costs MEEK 1.3.In comparison to this year, the increase of income is predicted to be by 16% higher. 

The increase of income is caused by the stabilisation of timber market and by the increasing demand for energy wood, but also because RMK hunting and nursery management has started returning profit.

However, there is still the need to increase silvicultural and forestry improvement works, which is why operating costs, compared to the year 2009, will increase by 12%, explained Ülle Rajasalu, Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of RMK.“The positive side is that thanks to the reorganisations carried out in RMK and the management’s good job, we have been able to keep the proportion that general administration costs form of the total costs, on continuous decline.In 2008, it was 25%; in 2009—21%, and in 2010, the general administration costs are expected to form 20% of the total costs.

The volumes of silvicultural works in the budget for 2010 are planned as follows:4,539 ha (+4.5%) of new forest will be established, 13,820 ha (+6.3%) of young growth will be taken care of, 10,600 ha (+25%) of thinning will be made.The volume of timber to be cut in 2010 from the state forest is 2.5 million cubic metres (+4.9%).Forestry improvement works have been planned in the extent of MEEK 120.

The sum total of investments is MEEK 99, which is in the same magnitude of the present year.The largest area of investment in 2010 is forestry improvement (MEEK 55).

The budget of RMK for 2009 has been prepared according to the development plan of RMK for the years 2009−2012.

Additional information:
Ülle Rajasalu
Chairwoman of Supervisory Board of RMK
Telephone 511 7319

Anneli Viik
Director, Finance and Administration, RMK
Tel 501 4740