Bring home a beautiful Christmas tree from the forest! 01.12

In December, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) will be organising spruce trips to state forests, so that everyone can bring home the perfect Christmas tree. These supervised spruce trips will be organised for both private persons and working collectives. We also offer you the option of bringing the tree home from the forest on your own.

The supervised spruce trips will take place for working collectives on December 10, 11 and 14 and for private persons from December 18 to 23 and December 28 to 30, at 16 locations across Estonia.

You can also bring a Christmas tree home from the forest on your own. This option is recommended only for those who are sure that the location selected in a state forest is suitable.

Christmas trees may be cut in state forests from ditch banks, from forest section lines and from underneath power lines, where they have no possibility of growing to maturity. Please note that in organising the spruce trips, RMK is providing locations from where everyone can cut down a Christmas tree on their own. RMK does not sell Christmas trees that have been previously cut from nature centres nor does it organise the transporting of the spruce trees.

More information on the spruce trips, along with the option of registering for the trips, will be made available from 4 December on our website The campaign pages are available in Russian and Estonian.

Come and visit a forest with your family or colleagues, your Christmas tree awaits you!