Historical issues of the magazine Eesti Mets available on the Internet 28.10

In the framework of the project “Forestry heritage culture – promoter of a common cultural space”, back issues of "Eesti Mets" (Estonian Forest) (1921-1944), "Metsamajandus" (Forest Management) (1941) and “Metsa- ja jahimehe kalender-käsiraamat” (Calendar-handbook for foresters and hunters) were digitalised. The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is the lead partner and co-funder of the project.

The work was completed in the framework of the cross-border cooperation project of heritage culture in the Central Baltic INTERREG IV A Programme of the European Structural Funds. The digitalisation was performed by the National Library of Estonia.

The publication Eesti Mets is available at the following DIGAR address of the digital archive of the National Library of Estonia:

There is another possibility for finding the magazines: enter digar.nlib.ee in the address bar. Choose keyword list and enter the name of the magazine in the search box. You may also enter only a portion of the name of the magazine, in which case you must then add *. Below the search box there is an additional window, with a tick in this window allowing for the locating of keywords directly within the text.
The purpose of the project “Forestry heritage culture – promoter of a common cultural space” is to increase general awareness of heritage culture, in order to decrease the danger of the destruction of natural and heritage culture values.

RMK will help its Finnish (Tapio and TTS) partners to adapt the methods used in Estonia and make preparations for a more extensive investment in Finland. In addition, joint trainings for forest owners will be organised and practical training groups exchanged.

In Estonia, the heritage culture of East-Viru and West-Viru counties will be mapped this year. Field works are coming to an end, and at the beginning of next year the data will be available to everyone in the public database of the Land Board at http://xgis.maaamet.ee. Next year, works will be continued in Pärnu, Hiiu and Saare counties.
RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest. In addition to this, RMK creates possibilities for forest holidays and shapes nature awareness. RMK manages 38 % of Estonia’s forests.

Additional information:

Vaike Pommer
Planning Specialist / Heritage Culture Project Manager at the Forest Administration Department of RMK
Tel 514 3838
E-mail vaike.pommer@rmk.ee