28.04.2009 - Everyone Interested Invited to RMK’s Forest Planting Day 28.04

On Saturday, 16 May, at eight locations in state forests across Estonia, RMK’s Forest Planting Day will be held, with up to 1200 volunteers expected to attend this year. From today, registration is open on the RMK homepage.

According to Toomas Väät, Silviculture Head Specialist of RMK, the success of the planting days to date have contributed a lot to the new growth in state forests. “Last year, approximately 250 000 spruce and pine seedlings were planted with the help of volunteers on a total of 100 hectares in state forests, which is comparable to an area the size of 150 football fields,” Toomas Väät recounted. He added that the rate of seedlings taking root had been good and that RMK’s foresters would also look after them later on. “For instance, in summer and autumn, scrub and grass impeding the growth of the planted seedlings are removed,” said Väät, describing the foresters’ subsequent work on the new growth for the forests.

This year, trees can be planted in a total of eight cutting areas in Harju, Järva, Rapla, West-Viru, Pärnu and Tartu counties. Planters will assemble on the morning of 16 May at assembly points chosen in the proximity of the planting locations. They will then make their way, along with the instructors, to the planting locations where further instruction will take place and the best techniques are demonstrated. The planting of trees will go on for an estimated 2-3 hours, after which a nourishing lunch break will await the planters.

Participants are requested to allow for weather and are advised to bring along waterproof clothing and footwear as well as personal work gloves and, if possible, a spade and a pail. It is also advisable, prior to heading into the tick-rich springtime forest, to give thought to applicable vaccination options.

Everyone interested is invited to register for the Forest Planting Day from 27 April to 14 May or until all spots are filled. Participants may sign up either one at a time or in groups. The Forest Planting Day is doable for children aged 10 and older. Access to an assembly point and parking facilities are available at assembly points; getting to a planting location, however, will be left up to the forest enthusiasts.

The attendance charge for the Forest Planting Day is EEK 50 per person. Attendance charges will be pooled and applied toward the defrayal of the organising and catering costs of the Planting Day. Payment of the attendance charge is by bank transfer, via the registration interface on the RMK webpage.

Similar planting days have been put on by RMK for volunteers, schools and businesses across Estonia, for ten years already. Attendance numbers were highest at the 2004 planting bee, when on the occasion of accession to the European Union 20 000 people put a million tree sets in the ground.

RMK is a profit-making state agency founded by virtue of the Forest Act, whose mission is the efficient and effective management of state forests. In addition, RMK sets up facilities for forest holidays in Estonia’s state forests and promotes environmental awareness. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests.

Further information:
Toomas Väät
Silviculture Head Specialist of RMK
Tel: +372 676 7520, +372 520 5734
E-mail: toomas.vaat@rmk.ee