26.08.2009 - RMK to supply Narva Power Plants with wood chips 26.08

As of September, RMK will supply Eesti Energia Narva Elektrijaamad AS with wood chips. The annual renewable energy production of the two new energy blocks of the Narva Power Plants will be up to 260-280 GWh, which accounts for almost 4% of the total annual power consumption of Estonia.

The green energy produced at Narva Power Plants would therefore allow for the annual needs of up to 100 000 average electricity consuming Estonian families to be covered.

“It is our goal to make the production of electricity and heat more environment-friendly. With the use of biofuel, we will considerably increase the share of renewable energy in the production portfolio of Eesti Energia and will contribute to Estonia’s goal of reaching the renewable energy level of 25% by the year 2020,” explained Ilmar Petersen, the head of Narva Power Plants. “By purchasing green energy produced by us, the Estonian consumer can consume what they are paying subsidies for today. This means domestic electricity produced in a stable manner and from a renewable source, from the viewpoint of the Estonian energy system.”

“The country has found that the only true way to jumpstart the forest sector, which is important for the Estonian economy, is to ensure the use of the resources that have so far not been used here,” said Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK. “At the same time, an alternative has also been established for exporting the unprocessed wood from Estonia, as any additional local consumption will benefit private forest owners in addition to the state forest as well and will ensure local implementation for all assortments.”

At first, the wood chips supplied by RMK and any smaller suppliers will be burned in the 11th energy block of the Baltic Power Station, with plans to shortly begin burning it in the 8th block of the Estonian Power Station as well. These are the new fluidised bed technology energy blocks of Narva Power Plants, where in addition to oil shale as the main fuel, biofuel can be burned in a proportion of up to 10%.

The prescribed cut for RMK in 2009 is 2.4 million cubic metres, of which 40% is logs, 40% paper wood and 20% firewood. The amount of paper wood and firewood is almost 1.5 million cubic metres, of which 1/3 is so far being used locally and 2/3 exported. At least 100 000 cubic metres of cuttings and brushwood that are not in use will be added to roundwood. In total, for additional on-site use, RMK can count on approximately 1.1 million cubic metres of wood.

The opportunities for the use of biofuels to increase the proportion of renewable energy have been studied at Narva Power Plants for a while now. The studies were started in 2007, in the 11th energy block of the Baltic Power Plant, and in 2008 as much as 8049 tons of biofuels were burned. In addition, opportunities for the use of biofuel in the old blocks, utilising pulverised combustion technology, are being studied.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest. In addition to this, RMK creates possibilities for forest holidays and shapes nature awareness. RMK manages 38% of the Estonian forests.

Additional information:
Karina Kond
Head of Communications at Narva Power Plants
Ph +372 5636 6130
E-mail: karina.kond@energia.ee

Ulvar Kaubi
Head of the Timber Marketing Department of RMK
Ph +372 513 7042
E-mail: ulvar.kaubirmk.ee