RMK added areas of increased interest to the forestry work map on 26.11

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) added areas of increased public interest of the state forest, the location of which in the landscape has been agreed and approved with the local community, to the public forestry work map.

“As the name suggests, the interest of people in the management of forests in areas of increased interest is higher than average. Thus, the areas of increased public interest agreed with the communities were placed on the map so that people can get a better overview of their location,” said chief forester Andres Sepp. He added that the borders of the areas of increased public interest displayed on the map are in place, but some discussions of the manner, time and scope of forest management are still ongoing.

The areas of increased public interest can be viewed by opening the RMK’s forestry work map and selecting “Areas of Increased Public Interest.” The map then shows these areas throughout Estonia, and it’s possible to take a closer look at a place of interest by zooming in. It’s also possible to obtain information on which allocations are in the area, what kind of forest grows in them and which forestry work is planned in the areas of increased public interest. Only the reforestation and thinning areas with effective cutting notices can be seen on the map.

The cutting planned in a more distant future for which cutting notices have not yet been issued are described in the long-term forest management plan of the areas of increased public interest. The RMK introduces the forest management plans prepared for a period of 10 years to the local community at a public discussion before their approval. The plans that have already been prepared can be viewed on the website of the RMK.

Approximately 130 areas of increased public interest on 18,000 hectares throughout Estonia have been added to the new layer of the forestry work map by now. Areas of increased public interest are forests that are loved by locals, e.g. forests near residential areas where people like to walk and exercise.

The RMK’s forestry work is accessible to everyone at: https://www.rmk.ee/metsatoode-kaart

The map was prepared in cooperation with the Land Board.

Layer of areas of increased public interest of the forestry work map, screen view.

Further information:
Andres Sepp
Chief Forester, RMK
+372 505 5932

Sille Ader
Head of Communications Department, RMK
+372 5666 5896