RMK deer camera starts its tenth season 03.11

As the weather gets colder, the feeding ground entices deer to dine in front of an audience.

The RMK deer camera is located in Western Saaremaa which is home to one of the largest deer populations in Estonia. The camera has been installed at the feeding ground every year in late autumn since 2014.

“Every season of the deer camera has been unique in the behaviour of the deer as well as the various species visiting the feeding ground,” said zoologist and nature photographer Tiit Hunt. “The star of the first days of the tenth anniversary season has been a fox nibbling carrots every day. It’s great that in autumn the feeding ground is visited by both bucks and does as well as fawns. Some years have only seen bucks come by.”

As winter approaches, the animals are gathering into larger herds and spend the day resting in the woods and search for food at nightfall. However, if the winter covers Saaremaa in a thick coat of snow, the deer that have found the feeding ground will not travel far and may stay there to rest.

In previous years, the deer camera has caught some comical moments. For example, one time a shy and agitated buck with a “turban” walked onto the feeding ground with a pile of plastic from a silage bale stuck to its horns. Another time, live viewers could see a deer kick off another deer’s horn.

You can keep up with the adventures of the deer from home on the Riigimets YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Riigimets.

Tiit Hunt manages the nature cameras and broadcasts the events that take place there – you can read longer posts about it here: https://rmk.ee/metsa-majandamine/loodusblogi

Further information:
Tiit Hunt
Zoologist and nature photographer
+372 506 7488