RMK Board will begin negotiations with Mikk Marran for the position of the Chairman of the Management Board 15.08

18 candidates applied to be the Chairman of the Management Board, with the three strongest candidates making it to the final round. Out of the final three, the Board selected Mikk Marran as the Chairman of the Management Board.

“Mikk Marran has long-term experience in management,” Randel Länts, Chair of the Supervisory Board, explains. “He is known as a leader and a great people manager. I believe that since Mikk is coming from a field outside of the forestry sector, he can understand and find solutions to societal expectations related to forestry. We will start negotiations with Mikk in terms of working conditions and we hope to reach an agreement within the week.”

Mikk Marran has worked as the Director General of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service since 2016. Marran received his bachelor’s degree in Public Management and Public Policy from the University of Tallinn and his master’s degree in National Resource Strategy from the National Defence University, United States of America.

Mikk Marran. Photo Raigo Pajula

The candidate for the Chairman of the Management Board was expected to hold a master’s degree or an equivalent qualification and have at least five years of experience as a senior manager in a large organisation, hold an impeccable reputation, a sense of responsibility and strong social sensitivity. The Supervisory Board also assessed the candidates’ leadership qualities, analytic and strategic thinking and social and presentation skills when making the decision.

“There were many strong candidates who needed to solve many practical tasks that may arise in their role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board to participate in the competition,” Länts stated. “In that regard, I will thank the recruitment agency Fontest, who helped us to carry out the competition as well as all the candidates who undertook this journey.”

The authorisations for the new chairman will begin on 1 November 2022, the authorisations of the former chairman, Aigar Kallas, will end on 31 October.

Further information:
Randel Länts
RMK Chair of the Supervisory Board
+372 5084 537