“Bloodless Hunt 25” photo book has been released 18.08

You are invited to the “Bloodless Hunt 25” book launch on 23 August at 17:00 at the Rahva Raamat book store in Viru Keskus. At the event, nature enthusiasts Urmas Tartes and Hendrik Relve, the Bloodless Hunt organiser Tiit Hunt and the book’s compiler Indrek Ilomets will be having a discussion about the new book.

The colour-printed book introduces the history of the Bloodless Hunt photography competition throughout its 25 years in both words and pictures. It includes the winning photos as well as 61 other loved photos of beautiful Estonian landscapes and wildlife. The book contains over 250 remarkable colour photographs, making it a perfect gift for both nature and photography enthusiasts. The book concludes with a summary of Estonian nature and the Bloodless Hunt in English.

“Bloodless Hunt has been the longest running nature photography competition in Estonia, first held in 1997,” says Tiit Hunt, the organiser of the Bloodless Hunt competition. “This year marks the 25th anniversary of this contest. The Bloodless Hunt has stood out from other photo competitions for its special rule – nature photographers meet up in a specific region in Estonia for one day to capture the best, most extraordinary moments. The participants may often work in different fields, but are united by a passion for nature and nature photography.”

The Bloodless Hunt 2022 winner – Olavi Hiiemäe. Roaring bear

Each participant can choose up to ten photos among all the photos they have taken over the course of three days. Out of these, the jury picks out 67 photos for the exhibition and the winner of the competition is announced at the opening ceremony. The photographer who captures the most masterful photo receives the Bloodless Hunt travelling trophy, a horned Viking hat.

“As we have received hundreds of photos capturing the beauty and wilderness of Estonian nature over the years, we decided to create a collective photo book where the reader can find out more about the thoughts and stories of the photographers,” says Indrek Ilomets, the compiler of the book. “The most famous participants of the competition include nature photographers Arne Adar, Kaido Haagen, Mati Hiis, Jarek Jõepera, Ingmar Muusikus, Tõnu Noorits, Hendrik Relve, Remo Savisaar, Urmas Tartes, Kaupo Kikkas and Toomas Tuul. This book contains their and other participants’ photos and writings.”

The “Bloodless Hunt 25” photo book will be available in book stores from 23 August. The book was published and created with the help of RMK, who has been the co-organiser of the Bloodless Hunt competition for many years. Every year, RMK also awards one nature photographer with a special prize for a dynamic, illustrative photo. This year, the award went to Meelis Kalev for a photo capturing a flying squirrel climbing on a nesting tree.

RMK Prize 2022 – Meelis Kalev. Flying Squirrel

The outdoor exhibition of this year’s best Bloodless Hunt photos can be visited 24/7 in the yard of the RMK Forest House (Toompuiestee 24, Tallinn) until mid-September. A photo gallery of the prize winners can be found on the RMK Flickr account.

The Bloodless Hunt 2022 winner – Olavi Hiiemäe. Roaring bear.
RMK Prize 2022 – Meelis Kalev. Flying Squirrel

Further information:
Tiit Hunt
Bloodless Hunt organiser
+372 5067 488

Indrek Ilomets
Compiler of the “Bloodless Hunt 25” photo book
+372 5047 881