RMK updates procedure for involving domestic forests 17.03

RMK has updated the guidelines for planning necessary forestry works in state forests important for everyday activities, needs and interests.

Forests with heightened interests include often-visited forests and those located near settlements. RMK includes the local population in planning the forestry works in these forests. The updated guidelines will create clarity in regard to the stages of work during which proposals are requested, how they should be submitted and what kind of proposals RMK is expecting. RMK accepts proposals before the compilation of the programme for the forestry works or immediately after the announcement of their plan to carry out such works.

“We invite local communities to communicate with the area’s chief foresters about works planned in areas of heightened public interest. Everyone has the chance to have their voice heard and submit their proposals upon the announcement of forestry works,” said Chief Forester at RMK Andres Sepp. “In addition to the time frame, the new guidelines will help us understand the sort of proposals that await RMK and the questions that should be asked from legislators as well as the questions of how we process the proposals sent to us and when the integration of citizens into the forestry works programme is considered completed will be answered. We will also only submit the forest notification after confirming the programme.”

Information about forestry works related to areas of heightened public interest will be published on the RMK home page and on RMK’s Facebook page. The local government and any local citizen affected directly by the works who has provided RMK with their personal contact information will be notified via e-mail.

When updating the forestry work inclusion guidelines, RMK took into consideration existing practices and recommendations made by the legal chancellor and integration consultants when considering situations during which two opposing public interests must be considered when planning forestry works. On the one hand, it is important to govern forests sustainably, produce wood, retain forestry workplaces and earn income for the government. On the other hand, again, it is important to take into consideration the interests of residents and to keep their living environment as unaffected as possible.

“I believe that by communicating regularly, we will find the best solution for the community that takes into consideration their needs when managing our domestic forests,” says Sepp.

The guidelines for announcing RMK forestry works and information on works planned in the future will be published on RMK’s home page: https://www.rmk.ee/metsa-majandamine/metsamajandus/korgendatud-avaliku-huviga-alad

Further information:
Andres Sepp
Chief Forester at RMK
+372 505 5932

Karmen Kaukver
RMK Communications Specialist
+372 5685 7037