RMK to open an exhibition on local treasures in Alutaguse visitor centre 25.06

This permanent exhibition gives an overview of the different cultural and natural values found in the national park.

“The visitor centre in Kauksi will become a microcosm of the national park, a place where interested visitors can learn all about what Alutaguse has to offer,” explains Marge Rammo, head of the RMK Visitor Management Department.

The treasures of Alutaguse are its natural and cultural values. “The exhibition will provide an overview of Alutaguse’s flora, fauna, cultural significance and landscapes,” explained Liina Karrofeldt, RMK Visitor Managament Department’s Nature Awareness Specialist.

Alutaguse’s keywords are: flying squirrel, bear, hills, old rivers, untouched nature, swamps and bogs, diverse forests, Kurtna lakes, Poluverniks, fort Vasknarva, etc.

“A brief overview of all of these keywords will be given during an introductory presentation to the exhibition,” said Rammo. In addition to enjoying the presentation, every attendant is also welcome to research an aspect of Alutaguse that intrigues them the most.

A newly constructed building will be home to the permanent exhibition. There will be an additional outdoors-exhibition showcasing available recreational opportunities among Ida-Virumaa’s nature. Interested visitors can also learn about other Estonian national parks.

Alutaguse visitor centre occupies several buildings. A permanent exhibit on Ida-Virumaa’s landscapes is still open in the building that was previously known as the Kauksi visitor centre.

“We have renamed the Kauksi visitor centre because of its mission; to introduce the sights of Alutaguse national park alongside the different landscapes and recreational opportunities found in Alutaguse,” said Marge Rammo. “Half of Ida-Virumaa’s points of interest are located in Alutaguse national park. We here at the visitor centre aim to function as a gateway to Alutaguse for anyone interested in its natural heritage.”

The Alutaguse visitor centre is open every day from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. The outdoor area is opened around the clock, and all exhibits within are illuminated.

Further information:
Marge Rammo
Head of the Visitor Management Department at RMK
+372 513 7035