Plants of RMK’s Marana nursery hit by sandstorm  01.02

The first two million pine saplings have been treated with a newly acquired machine in RMK’s Marana nursery, receiving a coat of glue and sand to prevent damage from pine weevils. This is the first machine of its kind in Estonia.

“A new device for treating conifers has completed a two-month start-up period, which contributed towards the protection of nearly two million pine saplings from pine weevils. The device covers the plants with water-based elastic glue and small-grained sand, after which the protective layer is dried and the plants are packaged,” said Plant Production Manager at RMK Tõnu Reim.

From here on out, RMK plans to activate the device every autumn and treat at least 4.5 million pine saplings every season. “This is the number of pine trees estimated to cover the most weevil-infested areas of state forests,” says Reim and adds that with a little adjustment, the device would also be able to treat potted spruce.

The plants are treated because saplings and small trees are sensitive to the damage inflicted by pests. Plant health products help us avoid the work of collecting pinecones and growing trees going to waste and ensure that as many saplings as possible grow into large trees. “Conniflex gives plants a protective layer that lasts at least two years. This is enough time for the sapling to survive the most critical and sensitive period of its life,” says Reim. Other nature-friendly methods of deterring pine weevils are protective cones, plant glue (Hylonox) and protective wax (Ekovax).

A packaging line was purchased alongside the conifer-treating device. The treatment and packaging machines will help save on costs and quicken the work process as they perform jobs that would otherwise take several people. This also allows RMK to utilise their human resources in a smarter manner.

Plants that have been treated and packaged will be put into cold storage or set outside for the winter, from where they will be taken for planting in spring.

The device for treating conifers, Conniflex, and the packaging line were bought from Swedish company BCC AB. There are eight nurseries utilising Conniflex, including Marana. Six of these are in Sweden and one in Mazsili, Latvia.

Take a look at how the plants are treated.

Further information:
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Plant Production Manager at RMK
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Head of the Communications Department at RMK
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