Communities actively participating in state forest planning 18.01

Over the past three years, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) has conducted engagement meetings for the management of state forests in 149 different regions. 139 meetings saw agreements being reached prior to the start of logging operations.

“The State Forest Management Centre has been criticised for not involving locals in the management of state forests or not reaching agreements with them, but the past three years show that there are only a few issues where we have not found common ground with the locals,” said Andres Sepp, Chief Forester at RMK. “Negotiations continue in those areas and no logging will be done before we reach an agreement.”

In 2020, public consultations were held regarding 67 state forest sections. Only debates around the forests of Häädemeeste, Herjava, Suurupi and Valgeranna have not reached agreements with the local communities or residents. Earlier debates are still on-going regarding the forests of the Kose area and Ohtu.

“We will continue to involve communities in the planning of forest management this year,” explained Andres Sepp. “We have selected 80 new state forest sections where the notification of locals and consultation with them has already begun or preparations are being made for it.” The people of Otepää have shown great interest regarding Apteekrimägi and we expect high engagement in Kärdla and Orissaare as well.

Forests of high public interest include the most visited parts of forest which are used for walking and other physical activity. After the discussions, the areas will be added to the public forestry work map by RMK, available at

Further information:
Andres Sepp
Chief Forester at RMK
+372 505 5932