10 577 Christmas trees brought from national forests 06.01

During last year’s Christmas period, 10,577 Christmas trees were brought home from national forests, which ranks as the second best tree sale result for RMK since the tradition was started in 2008.

This year, the number of trees brought home from national forests exceeded 10 000 after having been capped at 9700 last year and the year prior. 2016 was the only year when the number of trees sold exceeded this year’s, with 11 500.

“I am happy to see that so many people visited our forests during Christmas time and found a suitable tree to decorate their home. Our current situation certainly favours trips to the forest – there’s no safer place for a gathering than a forest, where there is room for everyone. In addition to finding a tree, visiting our forests gives people the chance to breathe fresh air, explore RMK’s hiking trails and organise cosy meetings around a campfire – all of this while keeping the recommended two-metre distance,” says Chief Forester at RMK Andres Sepp.

Selling Christmas trees is not a source of income for RMK, rather a way to entice people to explore nature during winter and keep the beautiful tradition of bringing home a Christmas tree alive. This is why RMK has been offering the service since 2008.

Of the 10 577 trees bought this year, 8904 were paid for via mobile payment and the rest via invoice or bank payment. Trees in the one-to-two-metre category were the most popular.

RMK also gave Christmas trees to all orphanages who wished for one. This year, over 60 trees were delivered. Trees from RMK’s forests could also be found in the rooms of several social institutions.

Christmas trees are only to be taken from places where they have no potential to grow to their full height – this means places such as roadsides, near ditches and under electrical lines as well as older trees. You can find a helpful online map on RMK’s mobile app Loodusega Koos or on RMK’s home page www.rmk.ee/kuuseke. This map will pinpoint your location and guide you to the nearest suitable place for obtaining a Christmas tree.

An overview of tree purchases across Estonia from 2008-2020:

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Chief Forester at RMK
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Head of the Communications Department at RMK
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