RMK forestry works are now visible to everyone on the map application  11.06

The State Forest Management Centre released a map application, which allows everyone to see the location of the state forest in their community and what kinds of forestry works are being planned there.

According to Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK, the map, which can be found on RMK’s homepage, was created to ensure that all interested parties are able to easily keep up to speed with what is taking place in the state forest. “The interest of the people of Estonia regarding the forests and their management has increased substantially and this map offers an excellent opportunity for people to take a look at how the state forests are being cared for,” said Kallas. “In its activities RMK adheres to the wish that each future generation has the same young, middle age and mature forests as we do and the opportunity to use the benefits associated with these forests.”

RMK’s Forestry Works App can be found at the address: www.rmk.ee/metsatoode-kaart. The forestry works visible on the map encompass the entire life cycle of the forest – the laying, growing, maintenance and cutting of a new generation of forest.

RMK is responsible for 1.4 million hectares of land, of which the majority – more than 1 million – is forest land. Each year, RMK plants nearly 11,500 hectares of new forest, performs forest maintenance on 42,000 hectares of young forest, thinning on 8500 hectares and regeneration cutting on 11,000 hectares.

The map was completed in cooperation with the Land Board. When the map is opened, the entire land area managed by RMK is displayed in green, with protected forests and other natural biotic communities displayed in red.

By enlarging the map, RMK’s network of forest districts appears, followed by RMK’s forest stands. By clicking on the forest stands, information is displayed on the size of the stand, the main species of tree, age and works that were last performed. Information on planned forestry works can be seen if you activate the corresponding layers located on the menu next to the map. Plans for forest planting and forest maintenance works are presented for the current calendar year. Information on thinning and regeneration cutting is presented if a corresponding forest notification has been issued.

Since works in the forest depend on the weather, in addition to a number of other different factors, the works may not take place at precisely the planned time. For example, works may be cancelled or supplemented due to forces of nature (storms, forest fires) or forest damage (diseases, damage caused by game).

The map does not reflect nature conservation works being performed on protected areas for the protection and restoration of habitats. The same is true of deforestation due to a change in the use of the land, for example, a forest is replaced with a road or other infrastructure.

RMK, or the State Forest Management Centre, is responsible for taking care of nearly 30% of the total land area of Estonia, on which 47% of Estonia’s forests are located. RMK is the keeper, protector and manager of the forest and other natural biotic communities belonging to the Estonian state. RMK cultivates forests, preserves natural treasures, earns income for the state by managing the forest, creates opportunities for visiting nature, and provides nature education.