Paintings of apples by Kamille Saabre are displayed at RMK to celebrate Estonia’s 100th anniversary  05.02

Kamille Saabre’s exhibition An apple like an Estonian opens today, on 5 February at 4 PM in the lobby of RMK’s office in Tallinn.

Kamille Saabre proceeds to explain why an apple became the main character of the exhibition: “I would declare the apple as the national fruit of Estonia. Each of us has their own memories of apples. Even when the farmsteads are gone and the people have left, the apple tree still stands to remember its home. The apple tree does not give up, it bears flowers and then fruit, even when there is no one to take care of it. The apple tree is resilient – as resilient as the Estonian nation. An apple is like an Estonian, as the title of my exhibition given to celebrate EV100 tells you.

Kamille Saabre

In addition to her paintings, Kamille Saabre captured her thoughts of Estonians in short stories. The stories bear equal significance to the paintings. The story helps to understand the painting, and the painting, the text. Leading idea of the exhibition:

An apple is like an Estonian person. Each of them is an individual. A little defect here, a scratch there. A stain on one cheek and a blemish on the other. Ragged by the winds of time, but still there. Defiant. Full of aroma. Genuine.
Not a shiny imported apple. Slightly rough, nonconforming, barely qualifying. Homely. Full of memories. An apple is like an Estonian. Not always the most presentable. Simple. Too mundane. But truly your own. A survivor.

Kamille Saabre is an Estonian painter who is currently focusing on fruit and flowers in her creative work. In her article With a Paintbrush and an Invisible Magnifying Glass published in the magazine Life in Estonia (Spring 2017), Anneliis Aunapuu has written about Kamille:

“Kamille paints her models larger than life. In a direct and indirect sense of the phrase. At exhibitions, Kamille stands out with minimalist, yet forceful motifs, which she presents with a unique approach. These are close-ups of life, details magnified to monumental dimensions.”

Kamille Saabre’s exhibition An apple like an Estonian is open at RMK’s office in Tallinn (Toompuiestee 24) from 5 February 2019 to 16 March 2018 each business day from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Further information:
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