In Rovaniemi, the 100th anniversaries of Estonia and Finland were celebrated with the opening of a travelling exhibition 22.03

In Rovaniemi, at the Pilke Science Centre, the managers of Finnish and Estonian state forests celebrated the 100th anniversaries of the republics of Estonia and Finland with the festive programme Estonia-Finland 200 and opened a travelling exhibition, Eesti Mets Räägib Eesti Lugu (The Estonian Forest Tells Estonia’s Story), which provides an introduction to Estonia’s nature and RMK’s hiking trail network.

The Chairman of the Management Board of the State Forest Management Centre, Aigar Kallas, who welcomed the guests on behalf of RMK, announced that the trails in Estonia are open to visitors. ‘We have created a solution that makes the hiking experience on RMK’s trails especially diverse and interesting. The hiking trail criss-crosses Estonia – from east to west, from north to south; hiking enthusiasts have 1800 kilometres to discover.’ Mr Kallas also thanked the Finns whose experience is a source of support and a model for Estonian forest managers.

Mari Kalkun, from Estonia, and the Saida choir, from Finland, provided a musical welcome to the guests.

With the series of events Estonia-Finland 200, RMK is in Finland promoting its gift to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia – an Estonia-wide hiking network and the big collective hike, being organised on its trails, between 6 and 25 August.

Within the framework of the travelling exhibition Eesti Mets Räägib Eesti Lugu (The Estonian Forest Tells Estonia’s Story) a virtual hiking trail Mets Jutustab (The Forest Speaks) was opened in the courtyard of Pilke, whose ten points of interest tell ten stories of the events that have taken place in Estonian and Finnish forests over a period of 100 years.

According to Marge Rammo, Head of RMK’s Visitor Management Department, the arrival of the exhibition in Finland is symbolic. ‘This is an area that is very popular among hikers. Moreover, the Pilke Centre, which is owned by the Finnish Forest Management Centre, displays a large exhibition about the benefits of forests. Telling stories about Estonia’s forests and promoting the nature walking opportunities provided by RMK helps get the attention of a lot of Finns,’ she said.

On Saturday, 24 March, the Pilke Science Centre will hold a big family day to celebrate the neighbourly relations between Estonia and Finland. Participants can enjoy a free visit to the exhibition, experience the forest-inspired stories of both countries over a virtual hiking trail, and compete in solving crossword puzzles.

RMK’s exhibition, The Estonian Forest Tells Estonia’s Story, will remain open in Pilke until 14 April. From 20 April to 20 June, the exhibition will be at the Haltia Nature Centre. The Haltia Nature Centre will be holding a nature day for children on 5 May. On 13 June, there will be a festive event to celebrate the neighbourly relations between Estonia and Finland, and on 25 August a big hiking day will also be celebrated in Finland.

More about RMK’s gift in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia:

RMK, or the State Forest Management Centre, is responsible for taking care of around 30% of the total land area of Estonia, on which 45% of Estonia’s forests are located. RMK is the keeper, protector and manager of the forest and other natural biotic communities belonging to the Estonian state. RMK cultivates forests, preserves the assets of nature, earns income for the state by managing the forest, creates opportunities for visiting nature, and provides nature education.