Loreida Hein’s staged photos at RMK Tallinn office 17.01

Today, on January 17 at 17.00, interior architect Loreida Hein is opening the installation “Seeking Souls” – staged photos in Estonia and Iceland – at the RMK’s Tallinn office.

“Seeking Souls” (“Creatures Searching” or “Capturing Souls”) is a series of staged photos inspired by enchanting nature in Estonia and Iceland as well as exceptional sound sculptures. Picture narratives are created by contextually relocated powerful elements, with which the artist has distorted reality. The above is an experimental travelling exhibition, which, depending on location, exhibits different artworks in different installations and, depending on which scenes are next to each other, the course of the story changes for the viewer.

In 2016, the exhibition was a nominee for the annual interior architecture award and it was installed in a room which was one of the winners in the public space category of the annual award presented by the Estonian Association of Interior Architects in 2013.

For Loreida Hein, the story began in 2012, when she heard that Estonians had built a mystical round concrete sculpture - Tvísöngur - in a small village on the East Coast of Iceland – to express gratitude for being the first country to acknowledge our independence in 1991. She decided, in turn, to create a bridge between Tvísöngur and its analogue Cromatico, located in Tallinn, installed in the Song Festival Grounds park in 2011, when Tallinn was the European Capital of Culture. The author of both works – or room ensembles resonating with multiple sounds – is German sculptor Lukas Kühne.  

The first shots of the exhibition were captured in Järlepa Bog, when, in one magic moment, an evening ray of sunshine drilled its way through the branches of an ancient oak. A year later, the same artist went back to the same oak with mystical forest fairies and the “captured” Cromatico in order to perpetuate experiments in changing reality. Loreida Hein: “Afterwards, Cromatico and Oak, printed on fabric, travelled with me throughout familiar Estonia and windy Iceland, but also on an uninhabited rocky Swedish islet and under the hot Indian sun, to see how a changing background, form, and material changes the impact of the object or vice versa, to create a strong connection between radically different places. Of course we made it to Iceland’s Tvísöngur!“ 

Recently, the exhibition was displayed in Tallinn Creative Hub Garden (PADA) in 2015, before which smaller installations were organised in Viljandi County, Tartu County, Põlva, Värska, and Vormsi. Overview of the exhibition: www.facebook.com/seekingsouls

Muses and helpers:

Külli Rist, Kärt Loopalu, Eva Näripea, Anni Mäger, Kristi Jalakas, Grete Nagel, Kaili Lehtemaa, Dedik Ajus Ariana, Vivek Tyagi, Hogni Egilsson, Lukas Kühne, Mait Rõõmussaar, Aleksander Tukk, Priit Aasma, Kadri Laas, Ahti Sepsivart, Timo Subbi, Kard Männil, Kätlin Ölluk, Roman Kampus, Felix Kampus, Christer Saaliste, Icon Print, Pixmill, Abakhan Fabrics, Estonian Association of Interior Architects, Estonian Association of Architects, Skyproff, and RMK.

Loreida Hein is an interior architect and entrepreneur who was born in Tallinn, in 1980. She is the owner of Stuudio La, a creator of interior projects, and co-owner of LESS Furniture, a producer of modular furniture, as well as a Member of the Management Board of the Estonian Association of Interior Architects. She has designed many private and public spaces, and created wall graphics and art projects with different creative teams.

In 2016, Loreida Hein participated with one exhibition work in the photo competition “Estonia AND the Nordic countries – Estonia AS a Nordic country?” where she was selected as the favourite of the University of Tartu Centre for Ethics, for her competition work “Lightness of the Spirit”.

The exhibition will be open at RMK’s Tallinn office (Toompuiestee 24) from 17.01-17.03, on work days from 9-18.

Further information:
Loreida Hein
Tel: 5647 9933