RMK was selected as a clear message promoter 14.10

The Institute of the Estonian Language announced the winners of the Clear Message Award 2015. A total of four prizes will be handed out. RMK, with its various campaigns introducing the many diverse activities that can be enjoyed in the forest, was selected as a clear message promoter for 2015.

Our upbeat and informative interactive website, www.rmk.ee/eluring, which provides an introduction to the life cycle of the forest – and which the jury believes nature lovers of all ages are interested in reading, watching and listening to – was singled out in particular.

The award for the best functional text with a clear message goes to the radio show “Puust ja Punaseks” on Raadio 2. The aim of the show is that conversations in plain Estonian would provide the listener with an educational and entertaining overview of the latest achievements in science as well as an understanding of the nature and functioning of scientific thinking.

The award for the best functional image with a clear message went to the online map of the Estonian Open Air Museum, on which different strolls and routes for visiting the museum can be viewed, and which provides an excellent introduction to the museum as a whole.

The best functional text with a functional image is the campaign of “Vegetables for Weight Control” of the National Institute for Health Development, which catches the attention of people with its inspiring and humorous pictures and verses. The message is playful and memorable and encourages us to take a closer look at our eating habits.

The Clear Message Award 2015 is issued by a committee consisting of representatives from the Institute of the Estonian Language, the European Commission representation in Estonia, the Estonian Graphic Designers Association, the Tax and Customs Board, and the Tartu Art School.
The award acknowledges companies and organisations who communicate to the public in a clear and understandable manner, based on the needs of their target group. The awards will be presented to the winners at the gala to be held in the Roseni Tower, in Tallinn, on 13 October, International Plain Language Day.

Rait Maruste has said: “Wisdom lies not in how to express simple things in a complicated manner, but in how to say complicated things in a simple manner. In order for each member of society to feel like they are a participant, they must understand the language and messages used in society.”

Additional information: selgesonum.ee, www.facebook.com/selgesonum