RMK among the most favoured employers in Estonia  15.06

In TNS Emor’s annual spring employer reputation survey, Eesti Energia has taken the top spot for a second year in a row, with the Port of Tallinn, Tallink, RMK and Estonian Air rounding out the top five.

“This ranking shows that the most attractive employers are enterprises owned by the state or involved in the tourism sector,” said Mari-Liis Eensalu, Lead Expert at TNS Emor. “State enterprises are rated highly for their job stability, whereas jobs related to tourism seem interesting and varied – who would not want their work to be like a holiday?”

This spring, TNS Emor’s employer reputation survey was organised for the 10th time already. Ten years ago, Estonian Air occupied the top spot, with Eesti Energia and Tallink also ranking among the top employers.

Mari-Liis Eensalu observed that, compared to that survey, RMK has enjoyed the steepest rise among the top employers, ranking at the lower end of the top thirty at the time: “RMK’s contribution to the development of recreational opportunities is what has resulted in much higher visibility and a more positive reputation for the organisation.” Skype, similarly unknown to the average employee in 2006, has also risen to rank among the top ten.

A descent from the top five to around the 10th position has been traced by the then Reval Hotelligrupp (now Radisson Blu Hotels) and Hansapank (presently Swedbank). At the peak of the real estate boom, the top ten also included Merko Ehitus, which currently ranks 18th. In April 2015, the 50 most reputable employers were ranked by 1522 salaried employees across Estonia.