RMK and Timbeter concluded a cooperation agreement  12.01

The winner of the spring entrepreneurship contest Ajujaht, mobile app Timbeter - developed to measure timber - signed a cooperation agreement with Estonia’s largest forestry organisation, RMK. Timbeter is currently also being tested by the Latvian state forest manager LVM.

RMK has cooperated with Timbeter for nearly a year now and participated in the development as a test user. “We support, in every way, the distribution of novel applications within the Estonian forestry sector,” Rainer Laigu, Chief Specialist of Forest Management at RMK, said. “Thanks to the calibrated harvester measurement, RMK now has an exact overview at any given moment of the quantity and quality of cut timber; however, the use of Timbeter simplifies statutory inventory taking and reduces the working time spent on it.”

Using Timbeter, the measurer takes a picture of the pile with a smart device, and after a few simple clicks, and a couple of minutes, receives an answer about the quantity, location, and other relevant data concerning the timber. The application also enables irregularly shaped piles to be measured.

The collected data can be forwarded easily together with the photo, for example, via e-mail, which makes the entire movement of timber within the supply chain faster and more transparent. In addition, Timbeter can be integrated with other IT systems, being of great assistance in preparing sales offers or reports, planning logistics, and in stock accounting.

Based on the findings of RMK, the winning team of Ajujaht developed and improved the former Timber Diameter application significantly, adding to the earlier pile measurement also the panorama and truckload measurement and warehouse module and coefficient helpmate. “RMK has been a good partner to us from the very start of the development. Their constructive feedback has contributed significantly to our development,” said Anna-Greta Tsahkna, Member of the Management Board of Timbeter. “Our goal is to see that, similarly to Estonia’s e-government, Estonia’s forestry sector would also set an example for other countries in terms of its innovation and efficiency,” she added. 

The application can be downloaded from the Google Play environment and is readily usable for both private forest owners as well as enterprises.