The Supervisory Board approved the budget of RMK for 2015  09.12

Yesterday, the Supervisory Board of RMK approved RMK’s budget for 2015 with the total volume of EUR 169.3 million and the planned profit of EUR 35.2 million.

Most of RMK’s income is generated by the sales of timber. In 2015, RMK is planning to sell a total of 3.3 million cubic metres of timber for EUR 150 million – a volume which is 2% more than what was planned for 2014.

According to Aigar Kallas, Chairman of the Management Board of RMK, the area of forest land in the care of RMK will be increasing next year by the amount of state lands which have yet to be reformed, with the forest that has not been managed for a long time mainly providing energy wood. “This is what accounts for the increase in timber sold and growth mainly in the sales of wood chips and cutting waste,” said Kallas.

RMK is planning to sell 38% more wood chips and cutting waste next year than it did this year, 0.2 million cubic metres in total.
In its budget for 2015 RMK, has budgeted EUR 134 million for its expenses. Expenditures on logistics and the logging of timber will be increasing as a result of the growth in storage volumes and the rise in the price of outsourced logging and transportation services.

RMK’s general maintenance costs, on the other hand, will be decreasing by EUR 800,000, i.e. 3%. EUR 3.5 million, which is 8% more than in 2014, is budgeted for improving the opportunities for moving around in nature, mainly for the construction and maintenance of hiking trails and other recreational sites. The EUR 1.2 million intended for nature conservation works will be used to start the process of water regime restoration along the border areas of the marshlands located in the areas of Soomaa National Park and Endla Nature Reserve, as well as the restoration of semi-natural biotic communities in western Estonia and the islands, in a larger volume than before. An additional EUR 2.1 million is budgeted for additional investments to be made for the purposes of nature conservation, which is 60% more than in the budget for the current year.

The total sum of investments in 2015 is EUR 24.9 million, out of which EUR 2.1 million is sourced from European Union Structural Funds and EUR 22.8 from RMK’s own resources.

The biggest investments are related to the construction of forest roads and reconstruction of drainage systems (EUR 17.8 million) and the nursery industry (EUR 2.4 million).
RMK is the keeper, protector and manager of the forest and other natural biotic communities belonging to the Republic of Estonia. RMK earns a profit for the state through forest management, growing reforestation material, and organising forest and nature protection works. In addition, RMK establishes opportunities for nature walking in recreational and protected areas and shapes nature awareness.

RMK consists of the Sagadi Forest Centre, Elistvere Animal Park, Tartu Tree Nursery, 70% of Estonian-Finnish joint company AS Eesti Metsataim and the Põlula Fish Farm. More than 700 people work for RMK.

Further information:
Aigar Kallas
Chairman of the Management Board of RMK
telephone 528 1299