The composition of RMK’s Supervisory Board changed 13.10

On 4 September, the Government approved the new composition of RMK’s Supervisory Board.
Urmas Hallika, Priit Värk, Tarmo Kruusimäe, Liisa-Ly Pakosta and Jaanus Tamkivi were removed from the Supervisory Board.

Rain Vipper, Kalev Järvelill, Karel Rüütli, Jaan Õunapuu and Jaanus Tamkivi were presented as new members.

Tõnis Kõiv, Mati Polli, Ivar Sikk and Andres Talijärv will remain as part of the RMK Supervisory Board.

RMK’s Supervisory Board has a total of nine members – two members appointed by a decision of the Riigikogu, two representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, one representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, one representative of the Ministry of Finance, and three experts proposed by the Minister of the Environment. The powers of the Supervisory Board members commence with their appointment; Supervisory Board members are appointed for a term of three years.