RMK’s headquarters hosting Kaupo Kikkas’s exhibition “Treescape”  13.10

Starting today and running until the end of November, RMK’s headquarters, located in Tallinn, at Toompuiestee 24, will be hosting the renowned photographer Kaupo Kikkas’s exhibition “Treescape”.This personal and intimate attempt at capturing trees in a way that would be more than a nice nature photo will be presented to spectators as black and white photos displayed on a centuries-old wooden surface. 
 “For years, I have been looking for a way of capturing a tree in a way that would communicate that indescribable “something” that trees carry within them,” says Kaupo Kikkas, explaining the inception of the exhibition. “I’m no tree hugger, nor am I interested in the esoteric or very religious; yet, standing in the forest, I am overcome by this indefinable feeling that I trust to the camera to portray, rather than words.”

“Treescape” consists of 15 photos in a unique format, displayed on an old wooden surface. “I have always looked with great affection at old barn houses and net sheds,” says Kaupo Kikkas. “In the first hundred years the tree matured, the next hundred years it spent in the walls of the barn house and now that the building has crumbled and a new circle of life begins at that location, I picked up the old wood and gave it a part in my story.”

The photos displayed at the exhibition were taken over a period of eight years, with inspiration coming from the texts of Herman Hesse and Valdur Mikita. All the exhibited works are available as numbered originals, with limited edition glass-block miniatures of the works also available on site.

The exhibition is open in October and November, Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00, and is free for visitors. RMK’s headquarters, located at Toompuiestee 24, was awarded the Estonian Society of Interior Architects annual award for Estonia’s best public space of 2013, and its tasteful renovation work and interior decoration, which displays wood in a decorous manner, are worth taking a look at as well. The exhibition was set up with the support of RMK and the Wiedemanni Translation Company; the works were printed by Diesel Arts.