Picture of seven common starlings wins Bloodless Hunt  09.12

The best shot from this year’s nature photography contest Bloodless Hunt was the photograph of seven common starlings drying themselves on a rock, taken by Merje Aru. The 64 best works from the photography contest are currently being exhibited in the atrium of RMK’s office in Tallinn, until the end of January.

According to Tiit Hunt, the main organiser of Bloodless Hunt, the jury was enchanted by the atmosphere of the winning photo, where seven undisturbed wet starlings are grooming themselves, without taking notice of the photographer. Merje Aru, who was declared the winner of the Bloodless Hunt, will receive the competition’s travelling trophy, a horned Viking hat, and a gift from Overall. Merje Aru is the first woman to have won the competition in the 18 years it has been held.

In addition to the main prize, special prizes from the competition’s cooperation partners are announced every year. This year they were the following:

  • RMK’s prize – photo of billy-goats in a forest glade, by Tõnu Noorits
  • Prize by Looduse Omnibuss – photo of seven common starlings, by Merje Aru.
  • Prize by the magazine Eesti Jahimees and the Estonian Hunters’ Society – photo of a billy-goat in the forest, by Argo Argel.
  • Prize by the magazine Horisont – photo of a flounder in the sand, by Kaido Haagen
  • Prize by the hotel Pesa – photo of a charadrius in its nest, by Maldon Otsa
  • Prize by the magazine Eesti Loodus – photo of a rowdy Eurasian coot, by Ollar Kallas
  • Prize by the magazine Loodusesõber – photo of great crested grebes in the evening light, by Ingmar Muusikus.
  • Prizes by the magazine Eesti Mets and Jägermeister – photo of a hart, by Indrek Ilomets
  • Prize by Ilm.ee – photo of a flying great cormorant, by Tiit Hunt

The Bloodless Hunt was organised on 16–18 May, in Hiiumaa, mainly in the lands of the Tahkuna Hunting Club, which is why the photos that were taken capture the nature of Hiiumaa with great success. The 33 photographers spent the day in the forest with their equipment, from early dawn until late at night.

The Bloodless Hunt is organised by RMK and Overall. The exhibition of prize-winning works is open for viewing in December and January, from Monday to Friday between 9–18, in the atrium of RMK’s office in Tallinn, at the address Toompuiestee 24. Admission to the exhibition is free of charge.

The gallery of prize-winning photos can be found here: www.flickr.com/photos
Photos from the opening of the exhibition can be found here: www.dropbox.com(photographer Kristian Kruuser)