24.01.2007 - The renovated accommodation complex of the Sagadi Forest Centre is open again 29.09

The newly renovated accommodation complex of the RMK Sagadi Forest Centre have been opened again. In the course of an exhaustive reconstruction, the number of beds increased from 28 to 56 and the restaurant’s kitchen was modernised. In addition, there are now two seminar rooms in the renovated hotel.

“The main function of the Forest Centre is promoting environmental awareness, by means of training sessions, seminars and other events,” said Krista Keedus RMK Manager of the Sagadi Forest Centre. “This gave rise to the need for conference and accommodation rooms. Naturally, if possible, we also accommodate others who are interested in the nature and history of Lahemaa”.

A public procurement was organised for the renovation of the accommodation complex at the end of 2005. The work was performed by Teena Ehitus. The total cost of the renovation works amounted to MEEK 21. The renovation design was developed by TTV Projekt.

“Initially, the accommodation complex was already supposed to be completed by summer,” Keedus said. “However, completion was delayed due to the overall deficit of workforce and materials on the building market. Some works, which initially were not envisaged, such as additional insulation, landscaping and sewerage works, also had to be undertaken”.

In the course of the renovation, the heating system of the accommodation complex was transferred from electrical heating to wood pellet heating, doors and windows were replaced and the inner yard was redesigned. Last spring, the Forest Museum moved from the accommodation complex to a separate building.

The RMK Sagadi Forest Centre organises environmental and nature conservation education related activities, conducts various environmental education related training and cooperation projects, preserves and promotes cultural heritage, conducts studies related to the history of forestry and organises cultural, scientific, and recreational events. A late baroque manor complex dating back to the 18th century is managed by the Forest Centre.

Additional information:

Krista Keedus
Manager of the RMK Sagadi Forest Centre
+372 507 9077