18.04.2007 - The international forest planting campaign Greenwave began on Saturday 29.09

On Saturday, 14 April, the opening ceremony of this year’s forest planting campaign took place in Viljandi County, Abja rural municipality. The event was opened by Kalle Küttis, the county governor of Viljandi and Aivar Laud, the chief forester of the south-western region of the State Forest Management Centre. Representatives of NGOs, local authorities, cultural people and entrepreneurs from Viljandi County were invited to participate. In the course of the planting, the Umbsoo forest area, which had been damaged in the January storm of 2005, was reforested. The day ended with a picnic accompanied by the music of the Johanson brothers.

This year’s forest planting campaign is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the European Union. The idea of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which constitute the basis for the European Union, through an extensive forest planting campaign was created in the Government Communication Office. Other Member States of the European Union were also called on to plant forests on the occasion of the anniversary. That is the reason for the internationally understood name of the project – Greenwave. Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Cyprus, Belgium, Malta and Romania have given notice of the planting of forests within the framework of the campaign.

In Estonia, in addition to people who care about nature, EMT, Estonian Central Register of Securities (OMX Tallinn), Tallink and Elisa have decided to take part in the campaign.

The planting is organised by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). Nearly 250 felling areas all over Estonia have been selected and prepared for the planting. It is possible to register for the planting bee on the website of the State Forest Management Centre until 20 April.

The green wave, which starts in Umbsoo in Southern Estonia, will spread all over Estonia and reach Northern Estonia by the beginning of May.

The state forest management agency RMK is a profit-making state agency, established by the Forest Act, the main function of which is the sustainable and effective management of the state forest. RMK grows reforestation material, arranges forest works, deals with the sales of forest and timber and arranges game maintenance. In addition, RMK creates possibilities for moving about in nature and forest holidays in recreational areas, and shapes nature awareness. RMK manages ca 38% of Estonia’s forests.

More detailed information about the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the European Union can be obtained from the website of the European Anniversary http://europa.eu/50/index_et.htm

Additional information:
Elina Kink
Head of the Communication Department of RMK
+372 511 0033