20.03.2006 - The value of forests managed by RMK is EEK 28 billion 29.09

As of the end of 2005, the forests managed by RMK are worth, as biological assets, EEK 27.86 billion, according to the initial unaudited data. The value of the forests has increased by EEK 1.28 billion (4.8%) during the course of the year. This increase is due to the rise in the average selling price of timber, mainly saw logs and firewood.

State forests include 543 000 ha of commercial forests (66.6% of the total area). Most of the economic activities are carried out here. According to the requirements of Estonian Accounting Board standard 7, only the value of usable timber is counted as biological assets. 

The growing stock of non-managed forests has increased from 24.2 million to 28.7 million cbm, or by 18.6%. “The volume of non-managed forests has largely grown as a result of the approval of protection rules for new protected areas, elaboration of the management regimes for the zones, and approval of species protection management plans,” said RMK Director General Ülo Viilup.

RMK has a total of 816 000 hectares of woodlands in its possession. This includes strictly protected forests, currently covering an area of 120 000 ha (14.7% of woodlands), and protection forests covering 153 000 ha (18.7%).

The biological assets of the state forests managed by RMK are assessed by RMK, but the value of the assets is reflected in the balance sheet of the Ministry of the Environment.

The state forest management centre RMK, created by the Forest Act, is a governmental profit-making institution, whose main duty is the sustainable and efficient management of state forests, reforestation, tending and use of forests, and the organisation of forest protection. RMK takes care of game in the state forests and ensures forest use in accordance with the public right to use forests.

Further information:
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RMK Director General
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