02.03.2004 - Registration for the Tree Planting Campaign Begins on 15 March 29.09

Registration of volunteers for the nationwide tree planting campaign in Estonia will start on Monday, 15 March. Starting today, initial information on the project can be found on the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) website at www.rmk.ee/en. The website shows what areas will be planted and describes how to take part.  Information in Russian and English will be added shortly.

During the planting campaign, which starts on 1 May, participants in the forthcoming Song and Dance Festival, alongside other volunteers, will plant one million new trees. “Taking part in the planting goes to the heart for the singers and dancers,” said Ilmar Moss, adviser to the Song and Dance Festival Foundation. “We are sure that 10,000 Festival participants will take part in the event, for even now more people have expressed interest than the forests can possibly accommodate at the time. We’ll soon have details on all the participating groups and choruses.”

The campaign will take place from 1 May to 16 May across Estonia. Registration of volunteers is planned for 15 March through 15 April. “The registration period may be shortened, if we get the needed number of volunteers sooner,” said Ulvar Kulbi, Marketing Director of the RMK Forest Management Department. “That’s why we ask everyone to take registration seriously. Whoever is not quite sure they are coming should let someone else use the opportunity instead.”

Sites for planting have been set aside both in private and state forests in every county. They cover about 430 hectares of land, of which 240 hectares are private property and 190 hectares are state-owned lots. A total of one million trees will be planted, mostly 4-year-old fir saplings but also some pines and birches.

Estonia is known for its fine natural landscape, close to half of which is covered with forest. It is worth noting that last year our 135-year-old tradition of Song and Dance Festivals made its way into the UNESCO List of Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Ten thousand Festival participants, together with 10,000 other volunteers will add a million new trees to Estonian forests. “A person who has planted a tree with his or her own hands will value and protect our forests today and tomorrow,” said Ulvar Kulbi, underscoring the importance of the campaign.

Additional information:
Ulvar Kaubi
Marketing Director, RMK Forest Management Department
Tel +372 628 1521, +372 513 7042
E-mail ulvar.kaubirmk.ee

Ilmar Moss
Adviser to the Song and Dance Festival Foundation
Tel +372 644 9147
E-mail ilmar.moss@kul.ee