29.12.2003 - Supervisory Board of RMK dismissed Director General Aigar Kallas 29.09

The Supervisory Board of Estonian state forest manager RMK released from office the Director General Aigar Kallas, blaming him of management errors. The Ministry of the Environment will organise a public competition for finding a new Director General; so far the Chief Financial Officer of RMK Martti Siimann will act as the Director General.

“The Supervisory Board of RMK recognised the Director General for the excellent economic results achieved this year, but found that important management errors had been made in preparing the development plan discussed, and excessive tension had been created within the organisation, as a result of which the operation of the organisation is greatly disturbed today,” said Andres Onemar, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RMK. “Thus, the Supervisory Board suggested that Aigar Kallas vacate his office.”

The Supervisory Board of RMK discussed the RMK budget for 2004 today, the revenue of which amounts to EEK 938m and the forest revenue to be transferred to the state budget is EEK 174m. The Supervisory Board generally approved of the RMK budget, but the official approval can be given only after the state budget has been officially adopted.

The next meeting of the Supervisory Board for appointing the new Director General is expected to take place at the beginning of February. According to the agreement, Aigar Kallas will receive his ten months’ salary as severance compensation.

The Supervisory Board of RMK consists of nine members: the Minister of the Environment Villu Reiljan, the Director of the Hiiumaa Protected Areas Administration Andres Onemar, Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian Forest Industries Association Ivar Dembovski, the Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Financial Affairs Raivo Sulg, the Managing Director of the Estonian Fund for Nature Toomas Trapido, the Manager of AS Kunda Trans Andres Lume, the members of the Riigikogu Küllo Arjakas and Rein Randver, and the Senior Officer of the Forest Department of the Ministry of the Environment Indrek Laas.

The State Forest Management Centre is a profit-making state agency founded under the Forest Act, the main task of which is the sustainable and efficient management of state forest. RMK grows planting material, organises forest works and sells forest and timber. In addition, RMK provides opportunities to exercise the right of public access in its recreation areas and develops nature education activities.

Further information:
Andres Onemar
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RMK 
E-mail andres.onemarrmk.ee