20.03.2003 - RMK is making inventory of forests assigned for privatization 29.09

Last week Estonian state forest manager RMK sent a written information request to all the local governments to apply for their assistance to find out the scope, location and condition of forests assigned for privatization all over Estonia.

Pursuant to the Regulation of the Ministry of Environment of January 21, 2003, RMK must undertake the organization of forest management in forests earmarked for privatization, not being subject to land restitution or privatization application with right of pre-emption. The forests earmarked for privatization are to be managed by RMK until the said forests are transferred.

“Resultant to the regulation, RMK has been given tasks that can’t be fulfilled without comprehensive assistance from local governments,” said Director General of RMK Aigar Kallas. “Local governments have the most contemporary information about the location and legal status of such forests. RMK would like to start making of the inventory in May, this year.”

RMK pursues its activities according to Estonian Forest Development Program until year 2010, which has highlighted the expedient utilization of forest land earmarked for privatization as one of the most important objectives. “RMK is going to analyze the data gathered in course of forest inventory and will also make the local governments some suggestion concerning the possible maintenance of state ownership of different land units,” added Aigar Kallas. “This is necessary to ensure the maintenance of land with high natural value for the state in a long run while providing for the optimum management of state forests.”

To start with, the management of forests located on land earmarked for privatization will mostly involve urgent tasks like the cleaning of communication and electricity line networks and road shoulders, liquidation of storm and other naturally occurring damages. Common silvicultural forest management work will be started after the inventory.

RMK has launched a pilot project in cooperation with Torma rural municipality in Jõgeva county and Vasalemma rural municipality in Harju county to clarify the quality of data on land earmarked for privatization and opportunities for data processing. The results of the project that will provide for better planning of next activities will be available in the beginning of April.

RMK is a profit-earning governmental institution, established in accordance to the Forest Act, the main task of which is sustainable and efficient management of state forests: reforestation, cultivation, utilisation of forests and organizing of forest protection. In state forests RMK arranges game maintenance, hunting- and nature tourism and is also responsible for ensuring forest usage, arising from universal forest-related rights.

For additional information please refer to:
Villy Sudemäe
RMK’s Real Estate Director
E-mail villy.sudemaermk.ee