15.10.2003 - RMK contributed 126m EEK of forest revenue to state budget in nine months 29.09

Over the first nine months of 2003, RMK paid 125.9m EEK of forest revenue tax into the state budget, which is 80% of the estimated amount of income in the annual budget.  

RMK’s revenue for those nine months totalled 726.4m EEK, which consists of 80% of the planned amount according to the annual budget. RMK earned the bulk of its revenue (94%) from the sale of round timber and timber sold as growing forest.

The round timber sales for the period consisted of 1.46m cubic metres of timber sold for an average price of 392 EEK per cubic metre. The agency sold 460,000 cubic metres of growing forest, at an average price of 226 EEK per cubic metre. In comparison with the same period last year, the first three quarters of 2003 saw a decrease of 101,000 cubic metres in the quantity of growing forest sold and less round timber by 9000 cubic metres; however, thanks to a price increase of 45 EEK per cubic metre for timber sold as growing forest, RMK’s revenue in this area increased by 23.5m EEK.

New forest was created on 6864 hectares of state forests during the period. Of this, planting occurred on 3976 hectares, sowing on 1031 hectares, and assisted forest regeneration on 1857 hectares. Forest renewal required 12.1 million seedlings and 800 kilograms of forest seeds. The majority of the seedlings were produced in RMK’s nurseries, and approximately one million were purchased for state forests from private sources.

RMK spent a total of 9m EEK over the nine-month period on offering public access to nature and promoting the population’s nature awareness. The most important work in this area included maintenance of the Varbola fortress and preparation of an area for tents as well as building of the viewing tower on Lake Viti in the Elva-Vitipalu nature reserve. In addition, 15 km of new forest paths were established for hikers and six new information points were opened. The number of people visiting the information points, nature houses, and RMK’s forest museum in Sagadi reached well over 33,000.

In the first nine months of the year, RMK earned 4.9m EEK from hunting (in sales of hunting kits, hunting products, and hunting permits), which accounts for 69% of the year’s estimated revenue according to the annual budget.

The State Forest Management Centre (RMK) is a profit-making state agency founded by the Forest Act, the main task of which is the sustainable and efficient management of state forests. RMK grows planting material, organises forest enhancement projects, and sells forested land and timber. RMK offers opportunities for people to exercise their right of public access in RMK’s recreational areas and conducts nature education activities in nature houses and the Sagadi nature school.

Further information:
Martti Siimann
Chief Financial Officer, RMK, telephone: +372 628 1572
E-mail: martti.siimannrmk.ee