RMK continues to auction hunting permits  13.03

At the beginning of the new hunting season, RMK will announce an auction of first options for the acquisition of hunting permits for big game.

According to Tiit Timberg, Member of the Management Board at RMK, last hunting season proved a success. “Last hunting season, 95% of the authorised elk quota was hunted, and minimum hunting quotas were achieved for red deer and wild boar,” Timberg said. He added that even though damage by game animals has declined in the state forest, it does, however, pose a silvicultural problem for RMK in young-growth stands of conifers.

This hunting season, which is about to kick off, RMK’s six hunting areas will have 20 hunting districts instead of the current 32, which will increase the average area of a hunting district to 6700 hectares. “A larger hunting district enables the organisation of hunting to be more effective. We are also considering those owners of private land who do not wish, pending the adoption of the new Hunting Act, their lands to be hunted on, as a result of which the proportion of state land in the hunting districts is increasing,” explained Tiit Timberg, adding that RMK will continue to share any revenue from auctioning hunting permits proportionately with land owners who do allow hunting. Last hunting season, a total of EUR 2400, their share of auction revenue, was paid to owners of private land.

Kalev Männiste, Hunting Chief Specialist at RMK, affirmed that the terms of the auction have not changed significantly compared to last year, since hunting legislation has remained the same. “One hunter may still acquire hunting permits for just one hunting district, and private land may be hunted on only with the consent of the owner of the land,” Männiste added.

To acquire a first option on hunting permits, an auction bid needs to be submitted at the Ristipalo office of RMK’s Hunting Department or e-mailed, once signed digitally, to kalev.manniste@rmk.ee by 14.00 on 20 March 2013, at the latest. Winning the auction will entail an obligation to provide upkeep for game animals, collect material for scientific research from them and a minimal obligation to hunt for small predators, beavers and any game birds that may require culling. For detailed information on the auction, go to RMK’s website at www.rmk.ee/metsa-majandamine/jahindus.

To advise RMK of your consent for the use of your private land for hunting purposes within the hunting areas managed by RMK, you need to e-mail to jaht@rmk.ee a letter stating your name, the numbers of your registered immovables / cadastral units and the number of the bank account into which you would like the fee for the use of land holdings for hunting purposes to be deposited. Kindly advise RMK of your consent for the use of your private land by 1 September 2013, at the latest. Owners of private land who provided their consent last hunting season need not renew it this year, unless the owner of the registered immovables has changed.

Further information:
Kalev Männiste
Hunting Chief Specialist, RMK
Tel: 513 9642
E-mail: kalev.manniste@rmk.ee