Record number of spruces brought into Estonian homes from state forests 04.01

Over the past holiday, a total of 7600 Christmas trees were brought home from RMK forests, which is 500 more than the year before.

According to Toomas Väät, Silviculture Head Specialist of RMK, the tradition of bringing home one’s own spruce from the forest has become increasingly popular in Estonia in recent years. “Most definitely the modern solutions, like the mobile application developed to find a spruce, a homepage with 145 locations with spruces marked on the map, and convenient payment options, have contributed to ensuring that the search for a tree is a cheerful event for the entire family,” Väät explained, adding that the most popular payment method was mobile payment, which was used to buy a total of 5040 spruces.

According to Toomas Väät, the RMK spruce campaign also helped people understand the rules, which apply to bringing a Christmas tree home from the forest. “Anyone who has spent time in the forest and expended a great deal of effort there also better understands the lifecycle of the entire forest,” Väät explained, and added that regrettably there was also one illegal cutting in Järva County. “Luckily, the employees of the Environmental Inspectorate caught these people in the act,” Väät added.

As a charitable act, 150 Christmas trees reached 45 Estonian orphanages with the help of RMK.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at sustainable and efficient management of the state forest. RMK grows reforestation materials, organises forestry works, is engaged in the sale of forest and timber and organises game upkeep. In addition, RMK establishes opportunities for hiking in nature and forest recreation on recreational areas, in Estonia’s five national parks and 40 other protected areas, and shapes awareness of nature. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests.

Further information:
Toomas Väät
RMK Silviculture Head Specialist
Tel:  +372 520 5734