Picture of a pike wins Bloodless Hunt 13.11

Tomorrow, the Estonian Natural History Museum will open the exhibition of animals captured on film during the photographic competition Bloodless Hunt. Visitors can, among other photos, admire Kaido Haagen’s underwater photo of a pike, which the jury deemed the best out of the hundreds of submitted photos.

The exhibition includes 65 nature photos that were made in the spring of this year in Nohipalo, Põlva County. Each photo includes the author’s description of its conception. Tiit Hunt, zoologist at the Estonian Natural History Museum and the main organiser of the event, said that he is really pleased with the “quarry”. “The main idea of the Bloodless Hunt photo exhibition was to display the unique features of the region and its abundance of species. We can definitely say that this year’s goal has been reached. The most difficult part was to choose the photos for the exhibition because there was simply so much good material,” said Hunt.

During the photo hunt that took place this May, for the fifteenth year already, several animal families were captured on film. The exhibition also includes two underwater photos of a pike and several photos of a “mad” capercaillie that greeted the photographer with its claws and blows from its beak.

Each year an animal is chosen for the Bloodless Hunt coat of arms. This year the raven was selected. According to Tiit Hunt, it was not at all easy to get a raven in front of the lens, which is why this majestic bird is only featured on three of the photos at the exhibition. Besides the photos, the raven can also be examined using 3D glasses in the museum.

The Bloodless Hunt was organised by the Estonian Natural History Museum, RMK and AS Overall Eesti. Members of the Nohipalo hunting club also helped to make the photo hunt a success. A total of 34 people took part in the hunt, many of whom are well-known and renowned photographers.

The Bloodless Hunt photo exhibition is open in the Estonian Natural History Museum until the end of January 2013; the foundation Environmental Investment Centre helped to fund the organizing of the exhibition.

Bloodless Hunt is a nature photo exhibition of Estonia’s natural landscapes, celebrating its fifteenth birthday this year. It is a hunting trip where the weapons are cameras, where the ammunition is memory cards and where the quarry is lots of photos of animals and nature.