RMK concluded a cooperation agreement with the distribution grid of Eesti Energia for repair and maintenance activities under power lines, 8 September 15.09

In late August, Eesti Energia Jaotusvõrk and RMK concluded a cooperation agreement to carry out cutting activities under the power lines of Jaotusvõrk located in the state forest.

Under the agreement concluded for five years, cutting in power line rides in state forests and on state-owned land will be carried out by RMK.

“Thanks to the cooperation, Jaotusvõrk will not have to apply for special permits for cutting activities in the state forest, which will speed up the maintenance of power lines and thus increase the security of the supply of electricity,” Tarmo Mere, Manager of Jaotusvõrk, explaining the benefits of the agreement.

Over 2000 kilometres of Jaotusvõrk’s power lines are located on lands administered by RMK. Under the agreement, RMK might not carry out cutting activities on registered immovables that are located apart or are too small. In such an event, the activities will be carried out by other suppliers of Jaotusvõrk. In a given year, RMK carries out cutting activities under power lines covering about 480 kilometres, depending on the risk trees and shrubs pose to the reliability of power lines.

In total, Jaotusvõrk administers approximately 60 000 kilometres of power lines, with 35 per cent of overhead power lines located in forested areas. To prevent brushwood and broken trees and branches from interrupting the supply of electricity, every year Jaotusvõrk clears thousands of kilometres of rides of trees and branches reaching too close to power lines.

Tavo Uuetalu
RMK Management Board Member
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