Tartu Tree Nursery has sold 100 million sets 04.10

Celebrating its 50th anniversary today, on 1 October, RMK’s Tartu Tree Nursery is one of the oldest nurseries growing native ornamental plants, having sold over one million sets during the course of its operations.

According to Andres Tuvi, Head of the Tartu Tree Nursery administered by the State Forest Management Centre (Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskus, RMK), 80% of the older trees in parks in Tartu – and the overwhelming majority in other Estonian cities – come from either the Luua or Tartu Tree Nursery. “At its zenith, 12-13 million sets were sold. Now that the large-scale production of forest sets has ended, the Tree Nursery sells an average of 70 000 plants a year,” Tuvi said.

According to Andres Tuvi, RMK’s Tartu Tree Nursery mainly engages in growing native ornamental sets, in which it is also one of the biggest in Estonia. “Most sets for sale on the market are currently imported, and there is nothing bad in that; however, we consider it important to preserve the traditions of growing sets in Estonia. We do everything, from harvesting the seed to grafting, on-site ourselves, and because of that we can be certain of the quality of the plant and of it being suited for our climate," Tuvi said.

At the Tartu Tree Nursery, the biggest sellers amongst conifers include Douglas firs, blue spruces and Siberian pines. Amongst deciduous trees, they include the entire Tilia genus, birches, horse chestnuts and ornamental apple tree varieties. Also various rose varieties. “As it seems that neighbours in Estonia must have a fence between them, we also grow lots of sets for hedges,” Tuvi added.

RMK’s Tartu Tree Nursery occupies more than 30 hectares of land on the outskirts of the City of Tartu. More than 450 species or varieties of trees and shrubs are in production.

Further information:
Andres Tuvi
Head, Tartu Tree Nursery, RMK
Mobile: 517 8485
E-mail : andres.tuvi@rmk.ee