RMK Sagadi Forest Centre opened the season with the exhibition “The Forest Feeds Us” 12.05

On 30 April, the traditional summer season opening event took place at the RMK Sagadi Forest Centre, during which the new permanent exhibition “The Forest Feeds Us” was opened. Patrons and cooperation partners were given a brief insight into the opportunities offered by the Sagadi Manor Complex and the events to come.

The exposition “The Forest Feeds Us” is about the importance, uses and management of forests. The Head of the Sagadi Forest Centre, Krista Keedus, said the following about the exhibition: “In good times and in bad times, the forests have provided wood for the economy, offering an escape from difficulties and raising the living standard. The forests have fed our culture, retaining the ties with the heritage of our ancestors—the ability to use the miscellaneous products of forest and to obtain inspiration from it. Our language, stories and songs, and the woodcraft we use everyday, speak about close ties with the forests. The forest feeds us, as the forest trees and other greenery have the special ability to store the energy from the Sun, by converting carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil into organic matter, without which there would be no economy, human society, no life at all on the Earth. The forests feed their inhabitants—forest species whose interconnected network keeps the forests alive for people as well. One half of Estonia is covered with forests, and the forests feed the whole of Estonia.”

During the summer, the exposition will be complemented with various facilities / showpieces which will offer the joy of discovery to student groups in particular.

According to Krista Keedus, this summer Sagadi is expecting more people to participate in educational nature and leisure programmes and explore the manor house and the Forest Museum, which will be open each day from 10.00 to 18.00 during the season.

RMK Sagadi Forest Centre is a renowned nature education and tourism centre in the Sagadi Manor Complex, in Lääne-Virumaa. The Sagadi Nature School has operated for eleven years; the Forest Museum was established more than 20 years ago. The 18th-century buildings together with the park, pond and gardens, represent one of the most harmonious and integral manor ensembles in Estonia. In 2009, the Forest Centre was visited by nearly 40 000 people from Estonia and neighbouring countries.

Additional information:
Krista Keedus
Head of RMK Sagadi Forest Centre
Telephone +372 676 7077
E-mail: krista.keedus@rmk.ee