Musicians took a bow before Estonia’s nature 30.08

Having previously captured bird song and sounds of nature on records, RMK has issued, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of nature conservation in Estonia, a musical record of performances, by beloved Estonian musicians Riho Sibul, Jaak Tuksam and Bonzo, of songs inspired by nature and the forest.

Fourteen nature-themed tracks made it onto the record “Mets on rohkem, kui mõistame mõõta” (“The Forest Is More than We Can Measure”), including both new arrangements of golden oldies and newborn musical reflections, with lyrics by Vladislav Koržets, Heiti Talvik, Jaan Kaplinski and others.

At first, the new and unique record may be purchased at RMK’s information points and nature centres across Estonia, with the option of ordering it via RMK’s homepage to be added soon. The record costs EEK 180.

According to Aleksei Saks, one of the compilers of the record, Riho Sibul sounds characteristically pensive, deep and gentle, Bonzo “is looking forward to letters someone forgot to post”, and Jaak Tuksam delights all the fans who have been waiting for sound recordings of his oeuvre – at long last, the oeuvre of the purveyor, long in the making, of Estonian nature poetry has been captured on a record again. UMA (Robert Jürjendal and Aleksei Saks) – a line-up that on its own performs ambient-style free improvisation – adds a character of its own to the record, adding diversity and depth of sound to this record.

The record features performances by Riho Sibul (vocal, guitar), Jaak Tuksam (vocal, guitar), Bonzo (vocal, guitar), Robert Jürjendal (guitar), Aleksei Saks (trumpet, corno da caccia) and Arvo Urb (percussion instruments).

Music by Riho Sibul and friends may also be heard at RMK’s next hiking and musical events, in Lahemaa National Park on 18 September and in the Karula National Park on 28 November. Both concerts will feature performances by Riho Sibul, Jaak Tuksam and UMA, with guest performances by Bonzo in Lahemaa and Tõnis Mägi in Karula.

The record of nature and forest songs, issued by RMK, is part of the “Loodusega koos” (“Together with Nature”) campaign celebrating the 100th anniversary of nature conservation in Estonia. The anniversary festivities will also include also a series of hiking and musical events in five Estonian national parks.

To listen to three tracks from the record, click:

“Sügiselaul” (“Autumn Song”), Jaak Tuksam (lyrics by H. Talvik, score by J. Tuksam)

“Nõmme pääl” (“On the Moor”), Riho Sibul (lyrics by E. Enno, score by R. Sibul)

“Oodates õhtutes” (“Waiting in the Evenings”), Bonzo (lyrics by K. Teksler, score by Bonzo)

Further information:

Marge Rammo
Head, Nature Management Department, RMK
Telephone 676 7530, 513 7035