EMT and RMK appeal for direct debit donations to Your Green Deed  22.07

For every euro donated by EMT customers, a tree will be planted by RMK.

In collaboration with RMK, EMT is offering its customers the opportunity to participate in the renewal of Estonia’s forests.Every EMT customer has the opportunity to make his or her contribution by a direct debit donation of 15.65 kroons or 1 euro monthly, with which RMK will plant a new forest in the spring of 2011.
As a socially responsible company, EMT is conscious of the need to operate in an energy efficient, green manner, and EMT calls on everyone in Estonia to do the same.

According to Valdu Kalm, Chairman of EMT’s Management Board, for as many as five years EMT has been engaged in reducing its carbon footprint: instead of travelling, EMT makes extensive use of video conferencing; paper usage within the company has been cut; and recyclable material like bottles, paper, and packaging are collected and brought to recycling centres, where they are given a new life.“Additionally, EMT has become involved in wind power, which it uses to generate green energy for its base stations, and it saves thousands of trees by using electronic bills.Now we are asking our customers to do their green deed and donate monthly to renew Estonia's biggest asset – its forests,” Valdo Kalm added.

Forests act as carbon-binding agents and help to mitigate the adverse effects of human activity on the environment.  According to Aigar Kallas, Chairman of RMK’s Management Board, timber is a renewable natural resource, yet forests need to be managed sustainably.“In Estonia, the quantity of forest grows year after year – our timber supply has more than quadrupled in the past 70 years.Estonia is the fifth most forested country in Europe, and intelligent forest management generates revenue for the state treasury and provides diverse recreational opportunities for lovers of nature."As the manager of the state forests, RMK does its utmost to utilise and develop our common asset.“Every year, more than 10 million trees are planted in state forests.If the area of forests grows even further with the support of EMT’s customers, this will definitely contribute to an improvement in our living environment.”

EMT has participated actively in various projects that have been of great benefit to society.Examples of such projects include: the Let's Do It! (“Teeme Ära") clean-up operation, the clean-up of the Orlov-Davydov Mansion by EMT staff, the collection of outdated electronic equipment both within the company and from its customers and its shipment to reprocessors of electronic scrap, the participation in a campaign to move away from using plastic bags, the introduction of bags made of recycled paper at EMT, the promotion of the usage of electronic bills amongst its customers, and other similar activities.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established under the Forestry Act, aimed at the sustainable and efficient management of the state forest. RMK grows reforestation materials, organises forestry works and is engaged in the sale of forest and timber and the upkeep of wild animals. In addition, RMK provides opportunities for hiking in nature and resting in the forest at recreation areas, in Estonia’s five national parks and about 40 other protected areas, and shapes awareness of nature. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests.