A Bloodless Hunt for pine marten to be held over the weekend 21.05

This weekend, 21-23 May, the 8th Bloodless Hunt photographic competition will be held in RMK’s Angus hunting district in Lääne-Viru County, with a particular focus on the pine marten this time.

According to Jaan Mitt, in charge of the Angus hunting district of the State Forest Management Centre, each year the Bloodless Hunt focuses on a different forest denizen, with this year’s “quarry” being the pine marten. “The forest wilderness in the Angus area in Virumaa provides a perfectly suited habitat for the pine marten, and the likelihood of coming across the quarry is high. The animal has also just given birth to cubs. The pine marten is excellent for exciting shooting, as it is an animal with a very mobile lifestyle – even the proverb says that a pine marten will run up as many tracks in a night as a saddle horse in an entire summer,” Mitt added.

In the course of the wildlife photography competition held collaboratively by the MTÜ Vereta Jaht (non-profit association Bloodless Hunt), the State Forest Management Centre and the Estonian Museum of Natural History, Estonia’s best nature photographers will be photographing animals, birds and insects. Normally, people known for their penchant for photography or hunting enter the competition. Nature shutterbugs will be assisted and guided by RMK’s professional game wardens and local hunters.

The base camp for this year’s Bloodless Hunt will be located at Tudu. Off the hunting trail, chats will be given and thoughts exchanged by Hendrik Relve on Antarctica, Udo Timm on the Siberian flying squirrel and Andrus Noorhani on various photographing secrets.

From of the nature photographs shot during the three days, each entrant will pick their ten best. From these, the jury will select, in turn, the 50 most interesting photographs, which will be on display at the autumn photography exhibition at the Estonian Museum of Natural History. At the same time, the winning works will be announced.

The Bloodless Hunt wildlife photography competition has been held since 1997. In previous years, the quarry has included the roe buck, wild boar, beaver, roe deer, elk (moose), bear, lynx, wolf, otter and wood grouse.

Further information:
Tiit Hunt
Head Zoologist, Estonian Museum of Natural History
GSM: 506 7488

Jaan Mitt
Deputy Head, Hunting Management Department, RMK
GSM: 506 3211