23.10.2008 - The 11th Bloodless Hunt won by Indrek Ilomets 04.10

The jury announced the winner of the animal photo contest Bloodless Hunt 2008 to be the photographer and publisher Indrek Ilomets, who was awarded with this honour for the first time. The winning photo was of a sow hurrying across a forest path together with a piglet.

“The Bloodless Hunt contest plays a significant role in shaping Estonian nature photography,” said Tiit Hunt, one of the organisers of the hunt. “If in the beginning years, the photographer sometimes lacked knowledge of who or what the photographed object is, then by today, people have learned to see and know nature more. This has developed the party themselves as well as others over the years.”

“All in all, the results of the exhibition were very pleasing; in addition to the practical value, the technical quality is also improving year by year,” Tiit Hunt added.

The best picture of this year’s heraldic symbol, the black grouse, was taken by Ingmar Muusikus. Special prizes were also awarded to Assar Jõepera (award from RMK and the magazine Loodusesõber), Tiit Hunt (award from the magazine Eesti Mets), Toomas Tamm (award from ilm.ee) and Arto-Randel Servet (award from the magazine Jahimees).

By the selection of the jury, the photos taken during the photo hunt have been organised into an exhibition that will remain open in the Estonian Museum of Natural History (Lai 29a, Tallinn) until 12 November. Traditionally, the Bloodless Hunt has taken place in the spring, but this year, the photo hunt was tried out in the autumn as well. At the exhibition, the autumn catch of the photo hunt is also exhibited.

This May, the 11th Bloodless Hunt was held in the North-Kõrvemaa region of the Väätsa hunting district of RMK, and this time, special attention was paid to the black grouse. The photo hunt was attended by 27 photographers. Billy-goat, wild boar, beaver, wild deer, elk, bear, lynx, capercaillie and badger have been targets in earlier years.

The animal photo contest Bloodless Hunt has been organised since 1997 by RMK, the Estonian Natural History Museum and Overall Eesti AS. Cooperation partners are www.ilm.ee, Fotoluks, the non-profit association MTÜ Loodusajakirjad, the magazine Eesti Jahimees and the Estonian Hunters’ Society.

Additional information:
Tiit Hunt 
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Editorial boards: Prize winning photos can be downloaded for free from the photo bank of RMK at http://foto.rmk.ee. Please note that the photos can be used for free only in articles and news clips introducing Bloodless Hunt 2008. Other uses allowed only upon prior agreement with the author of a photo.