22.05.2008 - Nature photographers to assemble for the 11th Bloodless Hunt 05.10

This weekend, 23-25 May, the 11th Bloodless Hunt will be held in the North-Kõrvemaa region of the Väätsa hunting district, and this time, special attention will be paid to the black grouse.

“The black grouse is the bird of the year, which is why we chose it,” said one of the organisers of the event, Tiit Hunt, nature photographer and head zoologist of the Estonian Natural History Museum. “Generally, animals are hard to photograph, and you have to be lucky to capture the black grouse as well. During the black grouse game it would be easier, but by the time of the Bloodless Hunt the game is already over”.

During the animal photographing contest, organised in cooperation between the non-profit associations MTÜ Vereta Jaht, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) and the Estonian Natural History Museum, the best nature photographers in Estonia take shots of animals, birds and insects. This year, 25-28 nature photographers are expected to join the hunt. Traditionally, nature man Hendrik Relve, entomologist Urmas Tartes, former member of the Riigikogu Margus Leivo and environmental journalist Riho Västrik, as well as several other people known for their love for photographing or hunting, will participate. The nature photographers will be assisted and guided by the professional hunters of RMK.

According to Tiit Hunt, this year’s Bloodless Hunt will be held in external conditions. Overnight accommodations will be provided in the tents of the National Defence League, where food will be served and slide programmes shown.

Every contestant will choose their ten best nature photographs taken over the three day period. From these, the jury will, in turn, choose the 50 most interesting photos which will be exhibited for interested people at the Estonian Natural History Museum in the autumn. Winning works will also be announced there. The exhibition will also be available for viewing at the Tartu Environmental Education Centre, as well.

The animal photo contest Bloodless Hunt has been organised since 1997. Billy-goat, wild boar, beaver, wild deer, elk, bear, lynx and wood grouse have been targets in previous years.

Additional information:
Tiit Hunt
Head Zoologist of the Estonian Museum of Natural History
+372 506 7488

Andrus Asu
Manager of the Väätsa Hunting District of RMK
+372 518 2874