15.04.2008 - Mari-Liis Mälberg appointed as the new Marketing and Communications Manager of RMK 10.10

On 14 April, Mari-Liis Mälberg assumed the position of the Marketing and Communications Manager of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). The current Manager of the Communications Department, Elina Kink, is on parental leave.

Mari-Liis can be contacted by telephone at the numbers +372 676 7033 and +372 514 5954, and by the e-mail mari-liis.malbergrmk.ee. Mari-Liis worked as the Manager of the Communications Department at RMK from 2001-2004. After that she held the same position at the company Stora Enso. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in the speciality of Public Relations and Communication from Tartu University.