12.06.2008 - The RMK Supervisory Board unanimously approved the preparation work for a new management model 05.10

The Supervisory Board of the State Forest Management Centre unanimously approved the preparation work for a new management model and initiated a discussion on the main objectives of state forestry.

The Supervisory Board of the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) did approve at its 10 June 2008 meeting the preliminary work performed for the reorganisation of the Centre’s management structure. The main objectives of the new development plan for RMK were also formulated, on the basis of which a four-year development plan will be prepared. The Management Board of RMK was assigned the task of carrying out consultations with forestry-related stakeholders in the course of preparing the development plan, and to submit the development plan to the Supervisory Board for approval by autumn of this year.

The Supervisory Board of RMK heard the presentation from the Management Board on the current financial results for the first five months of this year and the progress on preparing the reorganisation. On 1 July, the Centre will transfer to a new specialisation and structure, making the management system more effective and transparent.

Among the main objectives of the development plan, the more important ones are: to increase the share of state forest land managed by RMK to 20% of the area of Estonia’s mainland, to increase the volume of forest maintenance work and to stabilise the cutting volume at the current level. The development plan of RMK will be prepared for the period 2009-2012.

Consultations for preparing a new development plan were commenced with the forestry-related stakeholders at the end of 2007. The Supervisory Board instructed the Management Board to continue consultations and to submit the development plan for approval in the autumn.
The adoption of the development plan this autumn will provide the possibility to already use the new development plan as a basis in planning the budget for 2009.

RMK is a profit-making state agency, founded on the basis of the Forest Act, whose main objective is the economical and effective management of state forests. RMK grows forest renewal material, organises forest works and deals with the sale of forest and timber, and organises the care of game. In addition, RMK creates possibilities for movement in nature and forest holidays in recreation areas, and develops awareness of nature. RMK manages 40% of Estonian forests.

Additional information:
Ülle Rajasalu
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of RMK
Tel: +372 511 7319

Aigar Kallas
Chairman of the Management Board of RMK
Tel: +372 528 1299
E-mail: aigar.kallasrmk.ee