11.11.2008 - Bids Placed on All Vehicles Put Up for Sale at RMK Auction 04.10

In the first round of the public auction held for vehicles belonging to the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) on the osta.ee portal, 292 participants placed bids on all of the 56 vehicles put up for auction.

A total of 4147 bids were placed in the course of the auction, with the most - 233 - placed on the MTZ-82 wheeled tractor. The lowest number of bidders on any one vehicle was two.

”Based on the results, one can say the auction turned out really well, as there was a lot of interest in the vehicles, and on each vehicle several bids were made," said Jaan Schults, an organiser of the auction from the Forest Management Department at RMK. The next auction on the osta.ee portal begins this Thursday, 13 November, when the next 90 vehicles and trailers from various categories are put up for sale.

At the auction held, the average sale price of ten Lada Nivas worked out to be approximately EEK 17 000 and, for 11 Suzuki Jimnys, EEK 37 000. The average price came out to be EEK 36 000 for bigger SUVs and EEK 17 000 for passenger cars.

The vehicle fleet of RMK is going to be scaled down by about one third, via the auctions that are being held.

RMK is a profit-making state agency established with the Forest Act and its principal function is to manage state forests economically and effectively. In addition, RMK creates opportunities for forest recreation in Estonia’s state forests and shapes awareness about the natural environment. RMK manages 38% of Estonia’s forests.

Further information:
Jaan Schults
IT Manager, Forest Management Department, RMK
Telephone: +372 676 7523, +372 528 2363
E-mail: jaan.schultsrmk.ee